01. We were walking home late at night when suddenly we heard a woman [scream] for help.
02. The children were [screaming] with laughter at the clowns.
03. Thousands of teenage girls [screamed] in excitement as the band came on stage.
04. The boys heard [screaming] as they passed the house, and saw smoke coming out of one of the windows.
05. The baby had a bad stomachache, and [screamed] all night.
06. The woman [screamed] in anger at her husband, and then threw a plate at his head.
07. The children were still [screaming] with excitement as the roller coaster came to a stop.
08. My grandmother doesn't like rock music because she says they don't really sing, they just [scream] out the words.
09. There is a Spanish proverb which says that debts are like children; the smaller they are, the louder they [scream].
10. There is a Japanese proverb which observes that had the pheasant not [screamed], it wouldn't have been shot.
11. The advertisement for the horror movie "Alien" stated that in space, no one can hear you [scream].
12. Teenagers often have episodes of anger and negativity in which they slam doors and [scream] at family members.
13. Rock band Bon Jovi sang, "No one hears our silent [screams] in this land of broken dreams."
14. The car came [screaming] around the corner with a police cruiser close behind it.

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